The royal oxford is hard wearing and long lasting.

The Royal Oxford is a beautiful and flashy dress shirt fabric. Similar to Cambridge Oxford in its basket weave structure, but slightly more luxurious, Royal Oxford is a versatile weave that can be used in more formal applications. It has an elaborate weave that gives it a distinctive, significant texture. It is usually very shiny. Something about the weave makes it sparkle.

Royal Oxford Fabric is well known for its softness. It is tightly woven with 2-ply threads and closely knitted yarns puff out a bit and it just feels really cushy and nice.

Because Royal Oxford fabric is such a fancy looking fabric, we highly recommend it for double french cuff dress shirts with spread collars. Pair a nicely fitted dress shirt with a dark navy suit and you will feel extra sharp.

One of my customers had it:

“Love this fabric, because I love the texture. This makes me feel like I'm on top of my game.”

August 04, 2016 by James S
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