About Us

Here at B2B Shirts, we believe that a great dress shirt should be represented by high quality at affordable prices. Our online website offers a huge selection of beautifully handcrafted shirts that tailors to the corporate world. With our popular package deals, you can now transform your whole wardrobe at a very reasonable cost. The B2B Shirts team has always been listening to our consumers and as result we are extremely confident in our products and the value it provides. A shirt is not just a piece of garment; it is a fashion statement. A well-crafted shirt is elegant and sophisticated and those characteristics will carry over to redefine your personal image. Make a smart investment and trust in us in bringing about a brighter future in your career, personal relationships, and the overall state of your important life.

Our History

Our team has been supplying made to measure tailored shirts to various retail stores in Australia, UK, and USA for decades. We have worked with many professional tailors around the world and have an outstanding history of supplying to our retail partners and individual clients alike. Having tailored to a variety of personnel including executives, industrial workers, and even sports players, we creatively developed our own tailor inspired semi-fitted cut that would comfortably fit the general consumer base.

Our design team is filled with travel enthusiasts that have collected shirt samples from every major gentlemen-clothing market the world has to offer. With their internationally inspired ingenuity, our designers combined Jermyn Street inspirations with modern tailoring methods to specifically cater to the Australian market. Business to Business® shirts showcase the trendiest styles from all over the world including the essential classics that will never go out of style. Now online, we hope to extend our excellent products directly to our consumer base at a reasonable price that all men can afford. With over a million shirts sold, expect nothing but the best trending styles made from the highest quality fabrics available on the market.