3 Best Herringbone Shirts Package With Free Tie Top Best Designed Inner Lining


Brand Business to Business

  • High End B2B Shirts Men's Fashion Apparel
  • Single Button Cuffs
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Two-Ply 80's Threads
  • 7.5 Spread Cutaway Collar
  • Semi-Fitted Cut

Designer Style Number: AUS 3Bundle AUS012

Herringbone Designed Inner Lining Top Fashion Business Shirts Package With Free Tie.
(Hardwearing Long-Lasting Soft Wedding Fashion)
~ B2B Shirts / Business to Business® ~
(Luxury Weave Herringbone)
Designer Style: Please View Listed Pictures
Add Some Edge to Your Business Wardrobe
French Double Cuffs
100% Egyptian Cotton
One Free Tie Included
Other Accessories Are Not Included

B2B's Egyptian Cotton shirts are long-lasting luxury shirts made from the highest quality material available on the market. Our 2 Ply 80s fabric consists of a very high thread count, creating shirts that are dense and long-lasting with a smooth and soft feel. With decades of experience tailoring to various formal menswear stores, our fine stitching are the leading industry standards.

Shirt Specifications:
  • Contemporary Cutaway Spread Collar (7.5 cm)
  • 3 Layers Reinforced Collar (Always Sharp and Fresh)
  • Sewn In Collar Stays/Bones (Never Lose Them Again)
  • Superior Bi-Yoke Marksmanship (Edgier Look with Greater Comfort)
  • Two Side Pleats (Greater Elasticity)
  • Formalwear Authentic (No Breast Pocket) - For French Cuffs Only
  • Two Button Adjustable Rounded Cuff For Button Cuffs Only
  • Professional Breast Pocket (Blends in with Design) For Button Cuffs Only
  • Spare Buttons Included (Sewn On Bottom of Shirt)


Sizing Chart for Business to Business® Shirts - Semi-Fitted Cut

Sizing Chart for Business to Business® Shirts - Semi-Fitted Cut