Mens Blue Executive Essentials Bundle - 6 Formal Business Dress Shirts With 2x Matching Neckties


Brand Business to Business

Shop for matching business shirts and ties for just a fraction of the costs when you bundle all 8 items together.
Our Blue Executive Essentials Bundle consists of 6x of our best selling blue formal business dress shirts in french double cuffs along with 2x of our newest 7.5cm matching neckties.
This bundle includes shirts with popular properties desired by all shirts connoisseurs including stripes, plaids, gingham check, herringbone, twill, contrast cuff, and/or designer inner-lining. It is the ultimate blue bundle that brings about a new sense flare that your normal white counterparts . Use coupon code: "SAVE10MORE" and get an additional 10% off your entire purchase.
  • Business to Business Shirts Fashion Apparel
  • Designer Stylish Imported Fabric
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Two-Ply 80's Threads
  • French Double Cuffs
  • 7.5 Spread Cutaway Collar
  • Semi-Fitted Cut

Shirts Designer Style Numbers:

A123-BSDOT, A126-MOX, A177-BSCON, A135-BGCHQ, A003-LBHDC, A236-LBCON2

Ties Designer Style Numbers: 

TN-146, TN-152

B2B Shirts offers long-lasting luxury shirts made from the highest quality material available on the market. Our fabrics are specifically chosen and imported from all over the world. Our 2-Ply 80's Egyptian Cotton consists of a very high thread count, creating shirts that are dense and long-lasting with a smooth and soft feel. 

With decades of experience tailoring custom fitted formal apparel to speciality stores in Sydney's CBD and Beverly Hills, California, we have become the leading industry standard in design ingenuity. From tightly woven luxury herringbone twill weaves to lightweight gingham checks, our huge collection of beautifully handcrafted shirts are bound to impress. Today, we are widely renowned as Australia's #1 online storefront for designer dress shirts with an increasing amount of international buyers.

Despite our rapid growth, our team is and will always be listening to our consumers and as a result, we are extremely confident in our products and the value they provide. A shirt is not just a piece of garment; it is a fashion statement. A well-crafted shirt is elegant and sophisticated and those characteristics will carry over to redefine your personal image. Make a smart investment and trust in us in bringing about a brighter future in your career, personal relationships, and the over state of your very important life.

Shirt Specifications:
  • Contemporary Cutaway Spread Collar (7.5 cm)
  • 3 Layers Reinforced Collar (Always Sharp and Fresh)
  • Sewn In Collar Stays/Bones (Never Lose Them Again)
  • Superior Bi-Yoke Marksmanship (Edgier Look with Greater Comfort)
  • Two Side Pleats (Greater Elasticity)
  • Formalwear Authentic (No Breast Pocket) - For French Cuffs Only
  • Two Button Adjustable Rounded Cuff For Button Cuffs Only
  • Professional Breast Pocket (Blends in with Design) For Button Cuffs Only
  • Spare Buttons Included (Sewn On Bottom of Shirt)

Sizing Chart for Business to Business® Shirts - Semi-Fitted Cut

Sizing Chart for Business to Business® Shirts - Semi-Fitted Cut